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Muslim Leadership Council of San Diego condemns the act of Terrorism on Escondido Mosque

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The Muslim Leadership Council of San Diego (MLCSD) would like to express its heightened concern about the recent arson attack on a local Escondido Mosque. The name of the terrorist responsible for attacking two mosques in New Zealand was also written at the scene of attack. We want to call on the Muslim community, leaders and our Interfaith partners, to be vigilant about the safety and protection of places of worship. Islamophobia and hate crime activity against Muslims are on the rise and we must stand together as Americans to fight our common enemy, hate groups and individuals who commit acts of terror against any group of Americans.

Our thoughts and prayers for safety and security go out to our brothers and sisters in the Escondido community. We pray for peace to be restored and protection for all the neighbors of this Mosque as well. We urge the Muslim community in San Diego to be vigilant and take extra precautions. MLCSD strongly condemns these hateful attacks and calls on the local authorities to treat this for what it is, a deliberate act of violence and terrorism on a house of worship.

Islamophobia is a symptom of a diseased mind filled with hate that threatens the peace and security of our communities. These threats are ongoing, and we implore our National Leadership, GOP leaders and DNC leaders to speak out against Islamophobia and organizations that fund Islamophobia. We demand that these organizations and its members be identified, documented and funding sources immediately shut down.

The Muslim Leadership Council of San Diego is a coalition of the Muslim non-profit institutions and organizations in San Diego County striving to serve and benefit our community.


Tareq Purmul, Chairman – Muslim Leadership Council of San Diego


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