The Muslim Leadership Council of San Diego (MLCSD) stands in strong solidarity with our Black community as we denounce racism, anti-Blackness and police brutality in all its forms.  The murder of George Floyd and the response of police across the nation towards peaceful protesters must be addressed promptly. The continuous disregard of Black lives and the injustice our Black community faces must cease immediately. We continue to be outraged by the violence inflicted on our Black community, even as they protest in the streets and demand justice. We must act in solidarity with our Black community and not stay silent in the face of hate.

The Black community has endured hate and racism for hundreds of years. The negative impact of a white supremacist system that was not designed for our communities, especially Black communities, cannot be overstated. We must do all we can to create the change we want to see in this world. Our faith teaches us to stand strongly and establish justice. Allah (swt) told us in the Quran, that if one takes the life of one human being, it is as if they took the life of all of humanity. We have had too many deaths in the Black community at the hands of police officers year after year. We must not look away from the horror of these actions and seek to address them promptly. We urge our community to stand up for justice and join the calls to action in our city to speak up against injustice. 

We call on our Masajids and centers to dedicate this Friday’s Sermon to addressing police brutality, racism and anti-Blackness both internally and externally. We cannot stay silent in the face of oppression. We all must do what we can at this moment .

“O you who believe, be upright for God, and (be) bearers of witness with justice!…” (Quran 5:8)

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