MARCH 29, 2022 

The Muslim Leadership Council of San Diego (MLCSD) was saddened and concerned to hear that Shaykh Uthman Ibn Farooq, the Imam of Masjid Al-Ribat,  was stabbed by an anti-Muslim assailant on March 23, 2022. The individual shouted Islamophobic speech right before stabbing Shaykh Uthman. The Imam sustained injuries in which he received prompt treatment.

“This incident is astonishing, we stand in solidarity with Shaykh Uthman and hope the perpetrator is found”, said Ruhi Kamran, Board Chair of the Muslim Leadership Council of San Diego.

“We hope to see swift accountability ad justice in this matter”, said Malcom Muttaqee, Board Public Relations of the Muslim Leadership Council of San Diego.

The Muslim Leadership Council awaits the results of this investigation. We hope San Diego County reaffirms its commitment to tackling Islamophobia and condemning any violent acts directed towards the Muslim community.


The constituent organizations of the Muslim Leadership Council of San Diego are as follows: Islamic Center of San Diego, Muslim American Society San Diego chapter, Council on American-Islamic Relations-San Diego chapter, Somali Family Services, Masjidul Taqwa, Muslim Community Center of San Diego, Islamic Center of Eastlake, Islamic Community Center, Muslim Community Services of San Diego, We Love Our Neighbors, IQRAA Academy of San Diego, Masjid As Salaam, Pillars of The Community San Diego, ICNA Relief, Latina Muslim Foundation, PAASAND, RIHLA, Islamic Center of San Diego -East County, Huda Community Center, United Women of East Africa, 


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